The Pistachio Movement: Health Benefits of Pistachios

We’ve all heard about pistachios, one way or another, in our lives. Pistachio ice cream, pistachio cakes, and many more related delicacies and goods make this “drupe” the main star of the show! Yet, in fact, botanically speaking, pistachios are simply seeds of a pistachio tree. According to the Real Food Encyclopedia, pistachios are drupes, (not necessarily a common term) which are fleshy fruits that are encapsulated in a shell-like covering on their exterior. Contrary to popular belief, pistachios aren’t really nuts as we may commonly refer to them, and that’s absolutely nuts! Pistachios are typically light green in color, their shell, somewhere from shades of brown or mauve. Indeed, pistachios are not your knick-knacks or on-the-go snacks– they have a multitude of amazing health benefits, too! Consuming pistachios, or, at least incorporating an ideal amount of pistachios in your diet would bring forth quite amazing health benefits for a change! In some places around the world, pistachios are called “smiling nuts” or “happy nuts” which came from the appearance of a split pistachio shell, looking like a smiley face or its likes. Well, we can attest that pistachios might just be the thing you need to bring a smile to your face, or even, make it more cheerful!

Worry not, pistachios aren’t all bland and boring, even if this is what has brought about some dislike towards pistachios. Though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s really no harm in trying it out for something new! A fun kickstart would be trying out flavored pistachios– you read that right! Flavored pistachios exist! To our knowledge, Chomis Gomis, sells flavored pistachios, ranging from all sorts of different, unique tastes! Who knows, these might just become your favorite after loosening up to them after some time! There are quite some fun flavors, such as jalapeño, fiesta, tequila, chili lemon, and more! Just as precisely cited in the product description of Chomis Gomis’ pistachios: “Pistachios by themselves are already a delicious treat, low in sugar, low in cholesterol, and high in antioxidants.” As such, these subtle additions of flavors to otherwise plain pistachios, just add that extra kick to try them out and but of course, enjoy it’s fun taste and health benefits all at once. Now, you might just be curious about what health benefits were we talking about. Well, without any further ado, here are a few out of a lot of health benefits pistachios pose!

Here’s a whole list of the health benefits of pistachios:

  1.  Pistachios help us manage stress. Pistachios, according to a Penn State study, can reduce vascular stress. Situations that are uncalled for will, more often than not, cause stress to us. Incorporating pistachios in our diet is beneficial, as these contain a high amount of healthy fat, fiber, and antioxidants, which help to keep blood vessels open and relaxed during stressful situations.
  2. Pistachios boost our energy. Since these drupes provide us with a favorable amount of calories and protein, they help the body produce an ideal amount of energy slowly, but surely. With this in mind, it would be great if pistachios were consumed in preparation for strenuous activities, even a long day at work or school– they provide quite a great deal of energy.
  3. Pistachios help our nerves. Our body is made up of lots of nerves that keep our organs functioning optimally. Hence, pistachios, being one good source of vitamin B6, makes it all the more the reason for us to add these to our meals. Vitamin B6 enhances myelin production, which forms a protective sheath or shield which protects the nerves from deterioration, but of course, improves the efficiency and functionality of our nerves.
  4. Pistachios boost our immune system. A healthy and well-maintained immune system helps us prevent and combat harmful and potentially life-threatening diseases, especially, since the world is currently experiencing a global pandemic that has claimed millions of lives worldwide. Important it is that we consume food that is proven to improve the functioning of our immune system, such as pistachios. Additionally, pistachios aid in the production of red blood cells that works hand-in-hand with our organs in maintaining a healthy body.
  5. Pistachios aid in our digestion. Some of us, doubt it or not, may have issues with regard to digestion– may it be induced by the food we intake, or even by certain medical conditions. But, pistachios might just help you in overcoming them in some way. Pistachios are high in fiber, both soluble and insoluble, which helps in a smoother passage of stools in the intestines. This prevents diarrhea and constipation, which both are relatively unpleasant to experience.
  6. Pistachios help us think better. Familiar with the old advice which tells us that pistachios and nuts should be consumed during study sessions, to make us remember the lessons better? Well, in fact, that’s true! The nutrients that pistachios have help produce more oxygenated blood to the brain, subsequently, improving our overall brain functionality and efficiency.
  7. Pistachios improve our eyesight. A regular dose or consumption of pistachios might just be the key to improving your vision! This may not completely treat poor vision, but in one way or another, it does help alleviate the poor eyesight one has. This is due to the fact that pistachios are a rich source of carotenoids, which is where lutein and zeaxanthin are also commonly found.

All of the abovementioned health benefits are only a few of a lot more unwritten advantages of this awesome snack. Now, with all this knowledge about the legendary pistachio… Will you take that leap of courage and try them out yourself? No pressure! Just be reminded that everything in moderation would benefit you in the long run. These small choices that you make might just be your gateway to a healthier, stronger, and wiser you!

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