Chomis Gomis: A foundation of flavors that will make your taste buds EXPLODE!

A fermented sweet, salty, and spicy condiment popular in Mexico, chamoy sauce has a consistency similar to Sriracha but is far less painful to the stomach. Every drop is simultaneously spicy, salty, sweet, and sour, making it the sort of sauce that gets all of your taste receptors working. However, there are many variations on it depending on the maker.

Chamoy begins with fruit (often apricots, plums, or mangoes) being pickled in salt or salt brine, occasionally with a dash of vinegar, similar to the sour, acidic Japanese umeboshi plums. The resulting sweet-and-sour liquid is sometimes thickened with more fruit puree, and then spiced up with generous amounts of chili pepper.

Like the fruit vendors, you may give your mango slices extra heat by drizzling them with chamoy sauce and seasoning them with lime juice, salt, and a pinch of chili pepper. But chamoy has many more uses than that.

About the magical flavors of Chomis Gomis Gummies

The secret to the irresistible flavor of Chomis Gomis chamoy gummies is a special combination of spices, chiles, and home-cooked chamoy. The tantalizing experience gives a unique and wonderful note of sweet AND sour tastes. The sour taste of the gummy is followed by a forceful explosion of chili spiciness, which is then tempered by the sweetness of various crafted flavors, all of which work together to fulfill your needs.

Each pack comes in a resealable bag great for work, home, or vacation. Our gummies are handcrafted in the USA in small quantities by hand to guarantee they always taste wonderful and are of the highest quality. To give our gummies their complex salty, sweet, sour, and spicy chili tastes, we’ve spent years perfecting our secret chamoy blend. Our spicy combination chamoy taste pairs well with the sweet fruity gummy flavors. Get a bag and taste the different varieties!

Reasons behind chamoy’s meteoric rise to fame!

Spices like habanero and sriracha have skyrocketed in popularity since the early 2010s, when cinnamon was the go-to for giving sweets a kick. Today, however, candy producers are branching out to include other flavors, thanks in part to our more creative palates. Candies with a salty, sweet, sour, and spicy kick were made using chamoy. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Chomis Gomis takes great pride in producing chamoy-covered gummy candies in an array of delectable flavors, including peach, strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple. Candy gummies coated with chili peppers will give your taste buds a pleasant burst of heat. With our convenient, resealable packaging, you can take our chamoy gummies everywhere you go with your loved ones.


One of Chomis Gomis Best Sellers is the watermelon Chile Chamoy Gummies, where every mouthful is a flavor explosion, ranging from savory to sour to spicy to ever-so-slightly sweet. The taste differences are astounding, and if you can discover a nice watermelon that is also sweet, you will be in the best of all possible worlds. If you can locate a watermelon that is both delicious and delectable, you will be in heaven. The first thing you need is a slice of gummy watermelon to help you feel refreshed on a hot summer day!


These gummy peach rings with their spicy chamoy coating are guaranteed to fulfill your desires thanks to the ideal balance of salty and sweet flavors that they provide. Each gummy peach is an explosion of flavor and texture, beginning with a sourness that is acidic, progressing through a vibrant, strong burst of chili heat, and concluding with a sweetness that is calming and reminiscent of peaches.


To manufacture our chamoy gummy strawberries, we begin with high-quality gummy strawberry candy and then cover it with a mixture that we create ourselves consisting of spices and sour Chamoy. The sweetness of strawberry is elevated to a whole new level when the mystic blend of chamoy is added to the mix. Your needs for something sweet will be satiated, we promise, thanks to the special process that we use to make this treat. They are best described as being tender, succulent, and crisp. Because the product is produced in such small numbers, each batch will meet or exceed the highest conceivable expectations for taste, texture, and freshness. There is nothing overpowering about the flavor. And in addition, this does not have a dry texture at all.

Sour Patch Kids

Each one of these Chamoy sour patch kids has a delectable balance of sweet and sour flavors for your eating pleasure. We coat our Sour Patch Kids gummy candies with a mixture of Chamoy, Tajin, and a few other spices so that they have that extra kick that sets them apart from the market. This results in the ideal balance of sweet and sour flavors in your favorite childhood gummy candy.


Candies made from mango and packed with a mango chili center. Spicy. A combination of traditional Mexican spices as well as our own Chomis Gomis chamoy. Our Mango Gummies have an extraordinary chewy texture, are overflowing with the taste of luscious mango, and are incredibly spicy. Our products are made with only the highest quality ingredients, and we use a generous amount of chili powder in order to highlight and accent the sweetness of the mango flavoring. This, in our opinion, results in a more enjoyable tasting experience as well as an exquisite harmony of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors.


We combined some flavorful Chamoy Gushers with some chili heat, and the end result was a snack that had a bit of a kick to it but was also really gratifying. Gushers gummies are available in a wide range of flavors and consistencies, so that you may indulge both your sweet and sour cravings. The syrupy syrup inside mellows the initial sour and fiery punch from the chiles.


If you’re seeking something sour and sweet, these pineapple gummies will do the job. The initial impression is of a delightful acidic flavor, followed by a forceful burst of chili spiciness that is subsequently softened by the sweetness of summer pineapples.

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